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The members of Intim Club can be of three categories:

honorific members - those members which in their quality of VIP they agreed to become members of the Intim Club. They are permanent members and they have not financial duties.
trial members - those members who signed up the registration form and they find themselves on trial period of 30 days, until they get the acknowledgement from Intim Clubís administration. On this trial period, these members have limited access rights, and they have not financial duties.
full members - those members who received the acknowledgement from the Intim Clubís administration and they paid their registration fee and also the monthly fee, at least, for the first three months.
The full member quality ends by missing payment due for the next period of time, or by club administrationís decision, in extraordinary cases, regarding violation of the clubís internal rules.

Internal rules of Intim Club are detailed in Partnership Agreement page.


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